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Concert Guitars

The construction materials

Choosing the right materials plays a decisive role in the ultimate quality of a musical instrument. So, the woods, bonds and shellac/ varnish that are being used play a dominant role in the guitar construction. Also, good tuners and guitar case complete the experience the player will have.


For Andreas, he always chooses to use high quality woods that have been bought from great European stores. He manages to keep them in a stable environment by controlling temperature and humidity. This way he achieves a good sound result full of harmonics. He uses only high quality tuners and guitar cases, that each customer can choose according to his preferences.

Workshop Woods

For building a guitar, the woods that are being used are:

Soundboard: cedar and spruce options.

Back & Sides: indian rosewood, pau ferro, ebony, bubinga, ovangkol etc.

Neck: spanish cedar or kaya.

Fingerboard: ebony and stainless steel frets.

Rosettes are all handmade.

Andreas builds guitars on his own patterns, using techniques and thoughts of great masters such as Friedrich, Smallman, Marty etc., this way he achieves to create a unique and full sound.

Customised Orders

We can build special constructions, including the dimensions of the instrument or the internal structure. Please don’t hesitate to contact  us for any further information!

Classical and Acoustic Guitars

Classical Guitars

The shape and dimensions of the guitar meet the traditional standards, but the internal construction follows the modern paths. Although the standard guitar shape of Hauser is used, with some variations, we manage to achieve more rigid sides using either laminate construction or double solid sides. In this way we create an instrument that is more powerful and durable. The back construction is based on traditional models. The guitar top, cedar or spruce, can be constructed as a traditional, double top (using nomex) or lattice instrument. Lattice is divided in two models, first one is a model that is made by solid wood and the second one includes carbon. The guitar neck is crafted in a way that can be easy and comfortable for the player. At last, the guitars have an armrest and elevated fingerboard. At our workshop we prefer using french polish.
Our target is to create a lightweight and easy to play instrument, with powerful sound, harmonics and all the quality characteristics that a professional guitarist seeks.

Acoustic Guitars

The shape of an acoustic guitar is based on classic standards with some differentiations. The specific shape gives a more clear and melodic sound in relation with the guitar construction. Depending on the result that a guitarist wants to achieve, our workshop can produce either traditional or modern models, that give more deep sound, power and harmonics. Our guitars have single or double sides and tops with traditional form (x-bracing) or modern designs (lattice, radial, double top, etc.). All guitar tops, for acoustic guitars, are sitka spruce.