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Αρχική Dimitris Kotronakis "Andreas Madimenos is a young guitar luthier from Greece (also a guitarist) and I am sure that very soon he will be known worldwide. I had the chance to try his guitars in some guitar festivals that took place in Greece the last 3 years. I have to say that from the first time I got impressed by the new design and construction. The best part though it's not the appearance but the warm, massive and genuine guitar sound. " Αρχική_4 Magdalena Kaltcheva "I had the chance to try Madimenos guitars in Greece last year and was amazed by their dynamic sound. They were very easy to play due to their thin and comfortable neck shape, while retaining the pleasant sound by the solid wood construction." Αρχική_3 Carlo Corrieri "Madimenos guitars offer an easy play with strong and enjoyable character. I have tried both, cedar and spruce and was captured by how mellow the sound of the spruce model was. Excellent instruments!" Αρχική_5 "Andreas guitars are distinguished for the purity of sound combined with warmth and sensitivity, balance, rich tones and aesthetics. Andreas is a tireless researcher of the potential of the instrument and is constantly striving to improve its manufacturing techniques in order to achieve a perfect result. In my personal experience, the result justifies his efforts." Vana Vougiouka Αρχική_6 "Andreas is above all an innovator and an artist always striving for perfection. The Quality of Andreas Madimenos' instruments is manifested not only in term of their final sound product but though meticulous construction and attention to the slightest detail." Kostas Amaxopoulos

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Andreas Madimenos is a guitar luthier who builds on his own designs and patented structures, utilizing techniques and thoughts of master luthiers. His guitars are made using modern materials and techniques. He gives great attention to detail, on his way to achieve a high quality instrument. The whole guitar construction (soundboard design, back and sides construction, rosette) is made according to the preferences of each player. All guitar parts are handmade, while Andreas maintains one of the most complete and sophisticated workshops of musical instruments in Greece. His guitars are distinguished by their ease of play, modern, precise and powerful sound.

Greeks and foreign players choose to play with his guitars, while he has participated in the largest guitar festivals in Greece, awarding guitars as first prizes. He is also an advanced and active guitarist who has played as a soloist and as a member of guitar groups. Based on this fact, he can understand exactly what a player needs, a characteristic that gives him a comparative advantage. Andreas Madimenos maintains his own workshop in Alimos, Athens Greece.

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